Male student group singing
UCLA believes that the best way to understand the arts is to participate in them.

Our Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA offers several programs that nurture this sort of creative collaboration and participation, including Art in Action, Design for Sharing and the Student Committee for the Arts. The Hammer Museum further fosters this creative discussion through Lunchtime Talks, forums, lectures, performances and readings. In addition, the Fowler Museum promotes conversations about cultural diversity through exhibits, programs and publications that are separated into three categories: K-12 programs, family programs and public programs.

After the Library of Congress, contains the largest collection of media materials in the United States. The archive hosts an active calendar of special events ranging from 400 annual screenings to visits from authors, actors and directors. There is also a month-long Festival of Preservation hosted by the UCLA Archive, which celebrates an entire century's worth of film and television programs. After its Los Angeles debut, the festival continues on at select North American venues.

Along with these artistic offerings, UCLA's Institute of American Cultures focuses on the emerging culture of present-day America. Here, the community can explore, understand and celebrate the rich tapestry of ethnic, religious and cultural diversity that defines Southern California.

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