Living here is an essential part of the UCLA experience.

All of our residence halls are within a couple minutes' walk of each other - and classes not much farther away. Along that walk, students enjoy such amenities as palm-tree terraces, cafes, vibrant vistas and recreation centers.

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Pan-Asian Cuisine. Mediterranean Delights. Wood-Fired Pizza. Classic American Favorites. We Have a Menu That Can Satisfy Any Palate.
What's the most important meal of the day? All of them.

At UCLA, we have nationally acclaimed, award-winning dining facilities and programs. Among the many choices are Pan-Asian cuisine, Mediterranean delights, wood-fired pizza at Covel Commons and classic American favorites in the wee hours at the De Neve Late Night. Our newest eatery, Bruin Plate, is among the nation’s first health-themed dining halls, with a focus on quality, freshness and flavor. What you won't find is a stereotypical cafeteria. No matter your preferences, dietary needs or schedule, we have a menu to delight your palate.

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