Our campus is not a backdrop. It's the foreground of
the future.
While the aesthetics are stimulating and unlike any you'll find elsewhere
— the real beauty is what takes place
on our inspiring grounds.

Our campus is perpetually in motion. Our students start and join 1000+ clubs, kick-start businesses, run organizations and are deeply involved with the community. Our fans fill the stands for some of the most storied teams in NCAA history. And the entire student body attends events like Bruin Bash — the annual festival to kick off the new school year, which has featured top performers like Jay-Z, T.I. and LMFAO. It's just the opening act of an unforgettable UCLA experience.

Our world-renowned faculty do not only teach. They make discoveries and develop new innovations. Their groundbreaking research and expertise inform policymaking and news media coverage around the globe.

Students eating together in a campus restaurant